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Hello. My name is Hannah. I don't need a label to know who I am, and even though all I know is heartbreak and abandonment, I will never give up. If you love something, let it go, if it's meant to be, it'll come back to you.Until then, be the artist...the creator of your heart's work. In the many forms of art healing can be found. I dedicate this blog to hope, the one true thing in my life. Hope is my nepenthe. I'm moving on, and I will take my integrity and perseverance with me.


I know everyone is really sad right now so have a video of my three legged dog trying to catch water

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Dear Next Semester
Please be good to me.
A College Student 

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"There are men who are as much women as their mothers, and women who are as much men as their fathers - because the soul has no gender."

- Queen Christina of Sweden (1626 - 1689)

The orignal quote is in Swedish and says: "Det finns män som är lika mycket kvinnor som sina mödrar, och kvinnor som är lika mycket män som sina fäder - ty själen har inget kön." It could be argued that the last word should be “sex” and not “gender” since the Swedish word “kön” applies to both, but I thought that in this context the word “gender” fit better.

But however it is with that, this quote was said more than three hundred years ago. Think about that.

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